Vegan Omega 3s | 5 Reasons to Ditch Fish Oil

Vegan Omega 3s | 5 Reasons to Ditch Fish Oil

Supplementing with Omega 3s has an incredible host of benefits. From helping with depression and anxiety to improving sleep, supporting skin health, improving athletic performance and reducing chronic inflammation, Omega 3s are one of our favourite, all star supplements.

Unfortunately, many people still use fish oil to get their essential fatty acids. Good news is vegan Omega 3s derived from algae oil are BETTER sources of DHA and DPA AND you don’t have to harm a single, beautiful fish.

Switch from fish oil to algae based omega 3

Here’s 5 quick reasons why choosing Vegan Omega 3s is a no brainer:

🦹‍♀️ Absorption Superpowers – Our Vegan Omega 3 DHA + DPA absorbs up to 15% better than fish oil, which means more benefits and more bang for your buck.

⚠️ Toxin Free – Using algae oil to snag those handy Omega 3s reduces the risk of consuming ocean toxins commonly found in fish.

🐡 SAVE THE FISHIES – It’s SUSTAINABLE!  Let the fish do their happy fish thing out there.  Pretty please?

🌵#thatplantbasedlife – Research is showing us that plant based living is the best way to support healthy, active bodies and minds.  Oh, and it’s great for the planet!  There’s no reason your supplements can’t be plant-based too.

🤭 Fish burps are for fish – Errrr, not a fan of the nasty gastrointestinal side effects that often occur when taking fish oil?  Look no further — algal oil to the rescue!

Save the fishies, save the whales too.
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