For Those That Go Further

Freshfield is an active nutrition brand whose actions are guided through the lens of environmental protection. We believe in progress over perfection, protecting our playgrounds, and pushing our bodies and minds every day.

We believe in going further. Our plant-based omegas are leading the transition away from fish-based omegas (industrial fishing being a major contributor to ocean plastic, overfishing and climate change) and we are consistently working on improvements in our packaging, manufacturing practices and formulations in order to continually reduce our impact on the planet.

Our plastic negative and carbon neutral certifications through rePurpose Global and ClimatePartner help us offset our impact while we work to develop new ways of creating and delivering products that help keep your good times rolling.

  • Always Plant-based

    From athletic performance to everyday well-being, research is showing us a better way forward: Plant-based lifestyles are the most effective way to support healthy, active bodies and minds. Not only that, it's great for the planet.

    Freshfield products are certified Vegan through Ecocert.

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  • Certified Plastic Negative Packaging

    For every product we sell that contains plastic packaging, we recover double the amount in the form of low value plastic and ensure that it is processed ethically. "Low value" plastic is the plastic that most often ends up in the oceans or a landfill; it's the candy wrappers, snack bags and items like them that normally don't get recycled. We track, offset and report our offsets on a quarterly basis.

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