Freshfield Black Seed Oil Capsules Vegan Vegetarian Halal Kosher Non-Gelatine Gelatin

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Cold-pressed from the seeds of the nigella sativa plant, black seed oil contains powerful compounds like thymoquinone, nigellone and p-cymene. It's a natural wonder oil that can help your body function in a more optimal state.

We work directly with farmers to ensure that you will get the highest quality, most powerful cold-pressed black seed oils available. Our solvent-free oil is capsulized in gelatin-free veggie capsules.

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Knee Pain is Gone

I used Freshfield’s Black Seed Oil capsules for over a year because of knee pain. When I ran out, I decided not to order more. Within a week, the pain was back! After starting the capsules again, the pain has once again gone away. I highly recommend this product!

Kristin J. Johnson
Black seed is marvelous...

I like black seed oil in liquid form so was uncertain about how the capsules would compare, but I have to say I do feel the benefits. I have been a black seed oil fan since I learned about it on a documentary series on the world's beauty secrets.I have noticed that my hair seems to be in better condition and I have smoother digestion, just as with liquid black seed oil. I will admit I often take only one dose of 3 capsules per day as opposed to the 2 recommended doses. However, the benefits still seem to show themselves.

kat gordon

I had terrible gas. I don’t know why

A Flavorful Superfood

Marketing is such a curious affair. We seem to cycle through various magical superfoods with new ones being anointed on a regular basis. And now it’s black seed oil’s turn to bask in the “this is it” superfood limelight. There are so many healthy foods and substances found in nature, and black seed oil is one. A good one. Albeit a bit overhyped, as all newly anointed superfoods are overhyped.With a balanced perspective, and reasonable expectations, one can incorporate black seed oil into a supplementation routine, or even for cooking. It’s similar to cumin or oregano - very pungent. Reminds me of oregano oil.While it did not cure all my ills, it did help me overcome a recent upper respiratory infection that was difficult to shake free from. It was a little hard on my stomach because it’s so potent. And the price for this particular item is ok, but certainly not the best value.Overall I liked this product very much and will certainly use it again should a cold drag me down.

Sheila C.
Only 1 week in .. so no reviews yet

I haven't even been taking this for 1 week so I can't say anything long term. I have a hard time with these as they stick to the back of my throat and once you get that taste in your mouth 🤢