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B-12 must be consumed through diet and this vitamin is only found naturally in animal products. That means supplementation is a must for anyone rocking a plant-based diet.

And trust us, you don't want to get low on this vital nutrient. Ask us to choose a MVP, we'll give Vitamin B-12 the nod every time. It helps keep your energy flowing, immunity strong and mental game sharp.

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I like that it is a liquid seems to be more effective. I would like to see a doubled size as an option.

Alenna Jamieson
Great post partum

I started taking it daily after the birth of my fourth baby ! Really helped me access every ounce of energy. Love the taste too!

~Galactic Hat~
Tastes fine and gives me extra energy....

I am mostly plant based so I need a B12 boost each and every day because I don't eat meat or dairy products. It's so important for veggie folks to supplement with B12 because of lack of this vitamin can lead to depression and all sorts of negative scenarios which will bring us down. I generally take this about 1:00 pm in the afternoon when my body starts to wind down and it immediately gives me energy to move forward and calmly keeps me in control.It also has the other B vitamins included which is fantastic as they all work best when used together. Great product which brings me soft energy when I need it.

works for geographic tongue

This works pretty quick, especially if you are B deficient. About a year or so ago, I awoke to a "geographic tongue" It is where your tongue looks slit down the middle with branches coming off the center split. It was pretty scary to see that at first, but completely painless. After reading up on it, there were many suggestions as to what might fix it. The only thing thing really does fix this for me is a B complex vitamin. Within a day or 2 it will be MUCH better, but you have to keep up with it too. Also, my "tung gel cleaner" which has zinc in it, makes it look instantly better although it does not last long.This B complex tastes good and works. Easy to take, dropper under the tongue. painless. Aside from the tongue, it will give you more energy.

Good formulation; easy to take; decent taste

No complaints about this B12 supplement. It has a good formulation, with each 1 ml serving containing an ample amount of not only B12, but also B2, B3, B5 and B6. The taste is OK. It's a fruity type of flavoring with the usual "fake sugar" type of aftertaste. Still, it's a bit better than the usual B12 drops. The price is high but not out of line for a 60-day supply, especially since this provides more than just B12.Performance has been very good, and I've not had any issues such as stomach upset. All in all, a good option for a B12 supplement.