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Vegan Omega 3 DHA + DPA

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OK, so we haven't discovered the fountain of youth yet but with a laundry list of benefits like boosting cognitive health and helping you age well, Vegan Omega 3 comes close. Ditch the fish oils and add this as an essential in your supplement plan.

Plant-based Omega 3 Supplement
Easy-to-swallow 500 mg veggie capsule (225 mg DHA + 35 mg DPA per capsule)


Algal oil (schizochytrium sp. algae), purified water, modified food starch (derived from non-GMO corn), glycerin (plant-based), carrageenan (non-degraded red seaweed extract), rosemary oil (as a preservative).

Note: The level of rosemary oil in this product is minimal. This product is safe to use as a prenatal DHA.

A Plant-based Health Revolution


Whether you follow a plant based diet, vegan diet or not, our Vegan Omega 3 DHA + DPA is just plain awesome! It can absorb up to 15% better than fish oil supplements, eliminates the risk of consuming ocean toxins commonly found in fish, helps you store up to 3x more omega 3 fatty acids in your body (thanks DPA!), and is sustainable (save the fishies).

  • Allergens

    Free from: GMOs, gluten, shellfish, eggs, dairy, peanuts, fish, tree nuts.

    For those with corn sensitivities, the modified food starch used for these vegan liquid capsules contains non-GMO corn.

    Our glycerin is free from palm oil but may utilize soy and/or coconut oil.

  • Free Fatty Acids Profile (per capsule)

    225 mg DHA, ~35 mg DPA, ~120-140 mg palmitic acid (also found in coconut oil), ~45-75 mg myristic acid (also found in coconut oil).

  • Newsflash...

    If you've ever asked "Are there vegan omega 3 pills?" or Googled "how to get omega 3 vegan", you've come to the right place! Search around and you'll find that we have the best Vegan Omega 3 supplement out there.

    This product is also great as a vegetarian DHA / vegetarian omega 3.

Customer Reviews

Based on 721 reviews
Judy Dreger
Omega 3

It isn't fishy!! My doctor recommended fish oil or omega 3 to reduce cholesterol. It hasn't changed sufficiently to get me off the prescription lipidor. Maybe one day.

Elizabeth C.
Pretty good

I’ve never had an issue until my latest order.
All of the caps are fused together and you have to peel them apart.

Amanda Mosher
Love love this!

Best omegas 3’s.

Lillian Buettell
Vegan omega 3 DHA

My husbands feel so much better since taking Vegan Omega 3 DHA.
Thank you so much.

Omega 3

Our family is happy with the dosage of the Omega 3 Algae supplement. We are happy to be able to support a Canadian company with similar views to our own.