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Tune into your favourite running playlist and pick up the pace knowing that we got your back. With turmeric to help with inflammation and joint pain and ginger extract to help with muscle soreness and recovery, you can push yourself harder while hurting less.

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Robin Kriechbaum
Easy way to take turmeric

These caplets are easy to swallow and have no taste. They gave a little relief from my joint pain.

This average Joe gives it a thumbs up

Good doses, and what seems to be high quality.

Helps with my histamine intolerance

Due to a histamine intolerance, I have almost daily inflammation, stomach pain, and migraines. Taking two of these a day has greatly reduced my amount of flare-ups. I'm not big on the taste of ginger or turmeric either, and these don't have an aftertaste! They smell strongly of turmeric, but it isn't a big deal when you have them stored away before use.

Pharticus Maximus Gaming
One a Day keeps pain and swelling away

I take this as part of my daily supplements. I take one capsule per morning and it is one of the best things I have added to my daily regimine, very good for overall health.Quality: This is a very nice combination here because you get the high dosage of Turmeric combined with Ginger. You get all of the stuff that is normally in most turmeric supplements, but the ginger is a bonus in this one.This combo is great to help relieve pain, decrease nausea, and enhance immune function to help protect against illness and infection.If turmeric upsets your stomach at all, the ginger is a natural aid in keeping the stomach calm, prevents nausea. So this is perfect for anybody that has taken turmeric and had a little upset stomach from that.I am halfway done with this bottle and it has me feeling great. I really recommend to take at least one capsule of turmeric per day to keep the doctor away!

Woman of the World

The capsules have no flavor and are easy to swallow. The ginger helps with any stomach upset that might be caused by the turmeric.