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Vegan Thai Coconut Soup

🌱 As always, whole food, plant-based, uncomplicated & delicious because you can only be as great as the food you eat. 🌱

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Vegan Cowboy Caviar

🌵 Obsessed with this. When it comes to food, our jam is always easy, delicious and plant-based. This puppy will satisfy everyone, even any sturdy, meat-loving, dad-type people in the herd. 🌵

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Orange Creamsicle Shake

🧡  Food should be delicious and life giving.  It’s not hard to be big fans of smoothies because it’s SO easy to sneak in extra healthy ingredients like the carrots in this recipe.  Magic. 🧡⁠

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Green Smoothie 💚 Daily Detox

This puppy is the most epic way to jam pack your body full of gloriously, nutritious fresh veggies. It’s hydrating, fiber-rich and energizing. This smoothie is great first thing in the morning, as a pick me up mid-afternoon or as something to sip on while you’re whipping up a wicked plant-based dinner. (You can double fist with a glass of organic wine. No judgements here.)

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