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Fish Free Omegas.

Overfishing and plastic pollution from the fish oil industry are killing the oceans. Our algae-based omega-3s are the solution. Get the same benefits of fish oil without the negative consequences by switching to Freshfield.

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Freshfield makes products for athletes and adventurers living in a changing world. We are plant-based, carbon neutral and plastic negative. Let's protect the places and activities that we love for ourselves and the next generation.

We believe in progress over perfection, protecting our playgrounds, and pushing our bodies and minds every day.

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Ocean saving omega.

"This just took it to a whole other level." - Alex S.

Algae-based omegas have the same benefits as fish oil without the destructive consequences like overfishing and plastic pollution created by commercial fishing.

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The Environmental & Climate Impact of Fish Oil

The Environmental & Climate Impact of Fish Oil

The environmental and climate impact of fish oil production is a significant issue driven by the increased demand for omega-3s. These challenges highlight the urgency of seeking sustainable alternatives, such as algae-based omega-3, to meet the global demand for omega-3 fatty acids without compromising the health of our planet and its oceans.


Plastic Pollution & Marine Debris from Fish Oil

Plastic Pollution & Marine Debris from Fish Oil

Plastic pollution and marine debris are significant issues associated with the fish oil industry, contributing to the degradation of marine environments and negatively impacting marine life. Here’s a look at how these issues manifest and how switching to algae-based omega-3 can make a difference.


Overfishing & Biodiversity Loss From Fish Oil

Overfishing & Biodiversity Loss From Fish Oil

Overfishing and biodiversity loss are significant issues that pose serious threats to the health and sustainability of our marine ecosystems. Making the switch from fish oil to algae-based omega-3 is a conscious and effective action to combat overfishing and biodiversity loss.


Did you know?

Less than 20% of the global population consumes the recommended daily amount of omega-3?

You need omega-3. You don't need fish oil.

33% of ocean fisheries are overfished. Everywhere else is being fished to its maximum sustainable yield.

The answer is algae.

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It's time to ditch fish oil. Why go with our algae omegas?

Zero impact on marine life

Trillions of forage fish are harvested every year just for the fish oil industry. We skip the fish and go to the original source: algae.

Vegan friendly (but made for everyone)

All our products are plant-based and certified Vegan by Ecocert. Plant-based lifestyles are the most effective way to support healthy, active bodies and minds. Not only that, it's great for the planet!

Certified plastic negative & carbon neutral

We’re trying to do as much as we can to reduce our impact on the planet. Our algae-based omegas are just the beginning of our effort help stop overfishing and aid in the revitalization of our oceans.

Quality & safety

Our tank-grown algae is completely separated from common ocean toxins. A hexane-free enzymatic oil extraction process and pharmaceutical-grade manufacturing processes mean you are getting the safest and best quality product available.