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Vegan Omega 3 DHA
Diane Stenton
Easy to take

I love the size not as large as some brands and there is no aftertaste.

Favourite supplement

Big fan of the smooth consistency and great taste! I will definitely continue using this as I use up this one.

Great customer service

I discovered Freshfield on Amazon where I bought my first bottle of Vegan Omega 3. I've been a Freshfam member for a few months now and not only love their products (I now take Ashwagandha) but also their friendly customer service.

Freshfield Membership
Breanna Bailey
Worth the membership fee

Really happy to have found a plant-based option that suits me and my husband's needs. Thanks Freshfield!

Freshfield Membership
Sarah Roanhaus

Freshfam is just great. I used subscribe to another brand and would have too many bottles coming in because it was shipped every 30 days. Now I can save money AND order when I need. Glad a health brand finally offered something like this.

They Work

Gave my memory a boost. Vegan. Easy to open. Good value for money

Good Value and vegan

No fish! What's not to love.

Does Not Cause indigestion

I have issue with fish oil causes indigestion and heartburn. These do not have that effect. I am very happy with being able to take these as this supplement was recommended by my dietitian.

For those complaining about the "new price"

For anyone wanting to know why the price went up, the previous price had 60 capsules, this one had 180, so triple the amount, which makes it cheaper than buying 1 bottle with 60 capsules at 30.00. Do the math :)

Like vegan

Mostly started taking it to help with my dry eye and overall skin health. When I forget to take it, my eyes feel a lot worse, so it's definitely being absorbed when I take it. As for skin health, it's been 3-4 months now and no major difference besides my breakouts healing a bit faster than normal. Overall would recommend if you think you need it

Smooth rich taste

Smooth rich taste and easily dissolves.

Vegan Protein Powder
Canada client
product tastes good and mixes well

Looking for plant protein.


Very tasty and will re order.

Love it

Awesome stuff

Vegan Protein Powder
Amazon Customer
Tastes good!

Best vegan protein I’ve ever tried, and I’ve tried a lot! Will be re buying!

Clean protein

Simple, not overwhelmingly sweet and easy on the digestive system!


Excellent la meilleure trouvé!!!

Vegan Protein Powder
Linden McKinney
My new favourite plant protein!

Tastes great and mixes well with water or smoothies!

Vegan Protein Powder
Amazon Customer
Best vegan protein powder!

“This is the best vegan protein powder I’ve tried! The flavour isn’t too overpowering and my favourite thing to do is mix it in my smoothies! There’s no gross after taste like some vegan protein powders have. I highly recommend this to anyone and I will be using it from now on!!” It’s great value for money too!

Vegan Protein Powder
Béatrice Elizabeth
A protein that tastes like Horchata ( almost ! )

I love this protein, and for sure I will rebuy it.The taste is chalky ( in a good way ). it reminds me a lot of horchatas! It goes well in a smoothie with any kind of alternative plant-based milk!I also drink it with cinnamon powder and water, still, very yummy!

New fav vegan protein powder!

I've been buying vegan protein powders for 15yrs and can say for certain that between the ingredient list/value/flavour/texture Freshfields will now be my go-to. The chocolate flavour tastes authentic and isn't overly sweet like many other brands. I add mine to water/soy/oat milk (on the go), smoothies, as well as blackbean brownie mix and protein balls to name a few!

It’s good if you want flavour & sweetener in your protein powder.

Ok so here’s the thing... does it taste good? Yes, little too sweet for my taste buds but good regardless. (I purchased vanilla)But... my issue with it is that it completely overtakes the flavour of anything else that’s added to the smoothie. Like if I add fruits and this protein powder, I literally can’t taste what fruits I added.I would love a flavourless option that has no sweetener added to it either. It would be absolutely perfect.Would I repurchase? Maybe, if I get used to the taste, but since there is no better option it’s highly likely, that I’ll repurchase it.But I’m not 100% happy about the flavours and added sweeteners.

Vegan Protein Powder
Jason Richards
Smooth and tastes good.

Great taste and blends really smoothly. I was using Vega but this is way less clumpy. Also really like they are plastic negative.

Texture is better than other vegan proteins I’ve had…

I ordered the vanilla flavour and got sent chocolate which was disappointing… But, the chocolate isn’t too bad. Had it with almond milk and it isn’t grainy like other vegan proteins I’ve had - however, it could taste better. I’m going to add it to a smoothie next time and hopefully the taste will be a little better. Overall, good quality product and the texture is much better than other proteins I’ve had. Would’ve preferred Vanilla like I ordered though…

Vegan Protein Powder
Paris Morris-Nault

This protein part is delicious. Doesn’t have a strange after taste like other protein powders I’ve tried. The best part though is that IT ISNT CHALKY!!! YES. FINALLY!!! Would 100% recommend and will be repurchasing.