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Environmental toxins can weigh you down, diminishing your natural glow. Help bring it back with the cleansing power of chlorella.

30 Servings (60 Veggie Capsules) | Cracked-cell wall chlorella


Chlorella (broken cell wall)

Inactive ingredients: Cellulose (vegetable capsule)

Freshfield Vegan All-in-One Nutritional Protein Shake Plant-based

Always Ready For The Next Challenge


We've all been there. After weeks of crushing deadlines and looking fabulous while doing it, your skin starts to look as drained as your coffee mug on a Monday morning.

Yes, life can drag us down sometimes but chlorella can help lift us up by keeping free radicals under control and helping our bodies regenerate after periods of stress.

Customer Reviews

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Marcia Lorena Santos
Immune boost guaranteed

Not just the product, but the brand itself has great reviews and I can attest to that. It's obviously not like you will take the capsule and it will give you superpowers but, I do feel a boost in my immune system and energy levels. Being recently diagnosed with MS, the only thing you can do is try to live a healthy lifestyle and Chlorella will positively impact your overall health and well-being :)

Myself, my wife, and my dog. All 3 of us are taking this!

The thing about supplements is they are hard to prove or disprove. So many factors. Was your body already in the healing stage? Did you stop sitting on a certain couch that was causing it? Did it really work?I'm a realist. Unless I can say with 100% proof positive conclusion; I'm not saying either way.I got these for myself, my wife, and our dog. All 3 of us are experiencing joint issues. Have they cured any of us? No. Have we been on them for months? No. Do they work? unsure. Is it worth a try? YES!!! Does pain hurt??? YES!!!unless I can prove something doesn't work I rate it 5 stars. Because I don't want to smear any brand's good name.So the best anyone can do is the following:1) limit sitting time! Sitting for too long can cause these same issues. Your body needs exercise, and until you give it said exercise, expect to continue hurting. Of course there are exceptions, but that's just my findings. In times (like during snow storms) when I find myself watching a lot of TV or playing a lot of video games, I experience pain in the joints. Its conclusive. The 2 go hand in hand.2) Use a cain to get up if necessary, and exercise WISELY. Don't over do it. But don't do nothing either! A good steady walk down my local main street at night enjoying the lights seems to help.3) Research any remedy. The ingredients on this look promising. Its exactly what my research suggested I needed, so I'm taking it. Time will tell.4) For the pooches the same rules apply. They're just like us only covered in fur.Hope this helped somehow.

Amazon Customer
Feeling good after taking Chlorella

I have been taking these for a month prior to eating meals, and I am a fan of them. I’ve been taking Chlorella for a while now but I also like the initiatives this company also supports with being plastic negative. Great deal for what you get!

Some Guy

The media could not be loaded.  The nice thing about this supplement is that there isn't any artificial garbage. Keep in mind though, that a single capsule is 500 mg. If you're switching to this from another supplement, many of them have a serving size of 3000 mg, which means you'll need 6 of these to match it. That'll leave you with 10 servings.

Has helped reduce fatigue...

Love this brand and their mission! I’m cautious about supplements and their companies lack of transparency, but this company does very good 3rd party testing which I appreciate. It’s also USA based, not China. As for Chlorella in general, this is such a great supplement for detox. I normally take a greens trio daily with chlorella, barley, and wheatgrass but sometimes it causes me a bit of bloat...I like being able to isolate one or the other and take the chlorella individually. If there was only one green you could take, chlorella would be it! It’s so good for you and offers so many great benefits.In regards to taste, it’s definitely a bit like grass but it’s a capsule so it’s not terrible. I take this about an hour before a meal. I feel as though it’s definitely helped reduced some fatigue during the day and I plan to continue taking as long as I can!